Mover's next-gen high performance ski garments

Is this Swiss brand about to redefine snow apparel?


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Seeing the need to replace synthetic and down filling, Swiss brand Mover has put its faith and trust in one of the oldest natural fibres known to mankind: wool.

Knowing that nothing beats nature, Mover ensures you are never too hot and never too cold, weaving innovation with style to produce the next generation of high performance ski garments.


The natural way

In wool Mover trusts. That’s the philosophy behind leading Swiss snow sports brand Mover, which prides itself in both high quality and innovation when producing top-of-the-line snow apparel.

Entrenched in the brand’s DNA is its concept of Move-ability, inventing a new generation of ski garments based on absolute breathability.

"IN WOOL WE TRUST," Mover philosophy

Seeing the need to replace synthetic fillings from jackets, Mover looked to the oldest natural fibre known – wool – and teamed it with technical innovation. What was created was Wool + GORE-TEX®  and it offers skiers increased movement, breathability and enhances the pleasure of alpine sports.

Innovative developments such as wool-filled jackets and pants represent the changing face of the activewear market, which is seeing an increasing number of garments made from wool. Mover has long seen the potential for wool in outdoor apparel and this is exemplified by the variety offered by the brand.

Mover’s winter collections use the finest Merino wool for all base layers and liners, allowing an unprecedented level of comfort, warmth and lightness.

But it is Mover’s GORE-TEX® WOOL ANORAK which is making waves in the activewear market. Finding harmony between being a fashionable snow apparel brand as well as maintaining its reputation at the forefront of innovation and development, Mover was awarded a prestigious ISPO Award for its innovation, design, functionality and sustainability whilst showcasing the innovative nature of Merino wool.


Innovation rewarded

Marked with Woolmark’s stamp of approval – guaranteeing the fibre content and quality of the Merino wool used in the GORE-TEX® WOOL ANORAK - Mover is redefining alpine apparel and represents the changing face of the activewear market. Being recognised with an ISPO award confirms the demand for wool within this lucrative market.

The ski jacket best embodies the Mover Wool System©. Lined with Woolmark-certified pure Merino wool, which allows for maximum breathability and thermo-regulating properties, the jacket is also water and wind resistant. This wool anorak is the ideal comfort zone between shells and padded garments. Weighing only 850 grams, providing exceptional comfort and freedom in movement for all active skiers, it’s a versatile jacket for professionals and outdoor enthusiasts looking for edge and intrinsic quality.

“Innovation and high quality apparel has long been our signature trademark and having our product recognised by ISPO’s independent judging panel reiterates the vital role that wool – and technical innovation – plays within the lucrative outdoor market,” explains Mover owner and CEO Nicolas Rochat.

“Continuing to work closely with the Woolmark brand will further enhance Mover’s opportunity to continue producing high-quality snow apparel and cement wool’s rightful place within the industry.”

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