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Planning a weekend escape? Merino wool will help protect you from the outdoor elements


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Escaping the city and spending time off-grid is a pleasure that many of us don’t do enough. But when we do, making sure you’ve packed right is as important as choosing the perfect location. It’s hard to fight the natural instinct to simply pack everything. But packing smarter, with a better understanding of the kinds of garments you need, will not only save time and space but will also keep you feeling comfortable and relaxed on your getaway.

Merino wool outdoor clothing

The Basics

Merino wool sweaters and base layers are essential for a camping trip or even a few nights in a cabin. Base layers such as a Merino wool long sleeve shirt or vest will not only form a barrier against the cold should the temperature drop at night, but will help regulate your body temperature should it get hot.

This is done via moisture vapour transference, which helps aerate when hiking or when there are sudden changes in the weather. If you know it’s going to be particularly cold, packing base layer pants to wear under cotton jeans will provide additional comfort. Pack two varieties – lightweight for warmer periods, and mid-weight for cooler days.

Merino wool sweaters operate in a similar manner but offer an extra layer of protection. Unlike synthetic fabrics, Merino absorbs the odour molecules from sweat, which are only released upon washing, which is great if you intend to do some outdoorsy type exercise..

The Coat

A wool coat is the first barrier you have from the elements. Regardless of your destination, the most versatile choice is the duffel coat – boxier than other styles, with enough room to layer underneath yet still warm enough to wear on its own should you choose too.

The extras

Even if you’re not the hiking type, packing thick wool socks will make sure your feet are kept safe and warm. Not only are they incredibly soft, Merino wool socks have the added bonus of being odour resistant so if you do find yourself walking through the woods, your feet won’t suffer from excessive smells.

Scarves can also provide additional protection from the wind. As opposed to thicker, heaver wools that can often itch, Merino wool is soft next to the skin and the perfect choice that will help insulate the body, and because of its breathability, will help prevent you overheating.


[Photo top] Credit: Aleksandar Nakic

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