What the fitness junkies are wearing at Bondi Beach

Vie Active: from sheep to shore


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Designed and tested at Sydney's iconic Bondi Beach, activewear brand Vie Active fuses fashionable apparel with one of Australia's most iconic natural fibres - Merino wool.


Fitness, Fashion, Function

Born out of the desire to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle, high-performance sportswear brand Vie Active is the brainchild of fitness power couple Noa and Bryan Ries.

Both Noa and Bryan grew up living healthy, active lifestyles surrounded by like-minded people. Noa grew up at Bondi Beach running marathons, triathlons and working as a fitness instructor; Bryan was raised in both France and the USA, is a former competitive skier and snowboarder, triathlete and cyclist. And so the couple’s life-long obsession with active sports, high-performance athletics, and dedication to a healthy lifestyle provided the inspiration needed to kick-start a business and launch Vie Active.

Believing that stylish and driven women deserve more, Noa and Bryan combined their knowledge to create quality apparel which supports the active woman’s passions. Using fine Australian Merino wool, Vie Active provides high-performance, functional apparel which looks great whether you’re working out or sitting in a café with friends.



Born in Bondi 

Bondi and its iconic beach rest at the heart of Vie Active. It, along with those who live there, were a major part of the catalyst behind the brand.

“Bondi’s just the most incredibly unique place in the world,” Noa says. “Whenever people come to visit us from overseas they’re really struck by how ridiculously fit and healthy everybody is. It’s a really passionate community of people who prioritise their health and wellness and is the inspiration for where Vie Active came from.

“The idea behind the brand is that you can really be active all day long. You don’t have to just do your workout then go home and have a shower straight away, because Merino will allow you to wear it all day long.”


Vie Activists

Athletes right across the world are changing their spots and the way they work out. From Sydney to Singapore, Dubai to the USA, people are not only discovering Vie Active but are also discovering that Merino wool allows for maximum performance every time!

Vie Active empowers people every day to live an active, healthy life, and to do this in style. There’s no reason to ‘dress down’ the next time you go for a run – so grab a leopard print tank top and get active today.

Vie Active’s ‘Activists’ are a determined group of some of the world’s most elite athletes and fitness professionals. As fashion-obsessed fitness fanatics they test every piece of Merino wool apparel produced by Vie Active and even drive the brand’s blog, which can be found here.

Sydney-based physiotherapist, yoga teacher and nutritionist Katrina Loop said she would constantly receive compliments from people on how cool her outfit is, and how Vie Active clothes make her feel “fashionable and sexy”.

“Plus it is warm and comfortable, which is so important for me when teaching yoga super early in the morning,” Katrina said. “It is super soft and comfortable, and is breathable, so unlike some materials that don't breathe, the Merino fabric feels great on the skin.

“If I build up a bit of a sweat working out, it doesn't feel sticky, due to the fabric's moisture wicking quality. So no cold and wet feeling!”

Fellow Vie Activist Lauren Johan mirrors Katrina’s sentiments, with the New York-based personal trainer saying that Vie Active is her first choice for activewear so she looks good both in and out of the gym.

“On busy days I can find myself in the same gym gear I worked out in hours earlier and the quick drying, moisture wicking Merino fabric keeps me dry, comfortable and free from nasty odours that regular dry-fit fabrics do,” Lauren says. “I am more comfortable during my workout and post-workout I don’t have to freak out that I am stinking up the local juice bar when I stop in to grab a drink or lunch!”

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