Five things you can knit

Knitting has never been more on trend, making it a stylish and practical activity

The Craft

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As knitting continues to grow in popularity, so has the number of resources that provide easy-to-follow, simple instructions for modern patterns and designs. In fact, the hardest decision you’ll need to make is to decide what to knit first. To make things that much easier, we’ve done some of the legwork for you and picked five of the best patterns using Merino wool to set you on your wonderful woollen path.


Scarves are a practical winter accessory and universally stylish – plus, they’re a wonderfully basic introduction into the world of knitting. Starting out with a scarf will also help you get familiar with knitting’s techniques such as casting on and off and how to repair the inevitable gap in your stitches. Lightweight fibres such as Merino wool are ideal for creating a trans-seasonal scarf that won’t itch and won’t irritate the skin while leaving you feeling comfortably warm.


Beanies are a cold weather staple and universally stylish for men, women and children. Picking a pattern such as this one that offers step-by-step advice can help keep you on track before branching out into more intricate patterns. Choosing Merino wool for your yarn will make sure that your beanie is not only warm but comfortable, and Merino’s natural wicking will help prevent you from overheating.


Whether it’s your own newborn baby or you’ve suddenly found yourself surrounded by friends having them, handmade onesies are one of the most useful and thoughtful gifts you can make. Perfect for keeping babies in steady temperatures and comfortable, onesies are a daily essential for newborns.

A baby’s skin is incredibly sensitive and only the finest, gentlest fabrics should be used. Superfine Merino wool is incredibly soft, hypoallergenic and its breathability creates a microclimate, making sure that your baby stays comfortable and warm.


Most people associate woollen socks with winter, but socks made with superfine Merino wool are ideal for summer too. Sock patterns can range from the thick and chunky winter sort to a more standard, year-round variety.  Choosing a natural, high-performance fibre such as Merino wool will not only keep your feet comfortable and avoid overheating but its natural moisture transference will help prevent odours from developing.


A little trickier than other patterns but simpler than traditional gloves, mittens can be a lovely finishing touch to a winter outfit. Warm, hardwearing and yet incredibly light, Merino wool is the ideal fibre for mittens, going everywhere that our hands go throughout the day. But thankfully, Merino wool is also easily cleaned being available in machine washable styles.


Illustration Barry Allen Patenaude

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