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Break away from the flock with The Flying Lamb

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The Flying Lamb is nature daring to try life differently from the rest of the flock. Big, bold and luxuriously soft, these chunky hand-knitted Australian Merino wool blankets add texture and softness to your home.

The Flying Lamb

Let's get chunky

When you grow up with the clickety-clack of knitting needles as constant background noise, it’s no wonder that Linda Reeve turned this passion into a career.

“There was no way to avoid becoming a knitter,” she laughs. “Knitting is in my DNA, it’s my heritage and my calling. I’m not sure how not to knit. I grew up in a house where knitting was part of the interior landscape, there was always some yarn hiding in the lounge, needles were more prevalent than cutlery on the dining table and then there was the regular parade of new jumpers and cardigans.”

These days, Linda is owner and founder of The Flying Lamb and creates luxurious, oversized blankets and throws made purely out of Australian Merino wool and are available from The Flying Lamb online store in a variety of neutral and bright colours. Her chunky knits are truly unique pieces of art that add warmth, texture and love to any interior space, crafted from hand-shaped giant knitting needles.

“It’s the hand feel of the wool that really draws me in to working with this unique product. The soft fairy floss quality of wool top is soothing and gentle - there is no way you can rush working with the delicate fibres and magical wisps of wool top. Feeling the wool slide through my hands and wrap around the needles is a real pleasure, a delightful gift from Mother Nature.”

Linda is keen to ensure she continues to source the best product from Australian suppliers, keeping her brand has sustainable as possible.

“The choice to keep it local may add a few more dollars to the price but the benefits ripple through the whole community. Choosing local product is a key link in the chain for a sustainable economy for our agricultural families and also the wool industry.

“Luxurious softness is the reason I keep choosing Merino wool. I feel confident that the soft fibres of Merino are gentle enough on the skin for babies through to grandparents and all who crave cosiness in between.

“When you walk into a room with a chunky knit, you can’t help but reach out and touch it. The rich thick stitches beg you to come and touch them, to sink your fingers in and snuggle up even if it’s just for a few minutes.”

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