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Ohhio makes its mark with chunky knitwear for your body and home

The Craft

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During the past few years the Made in Ukraine movement has gained considerable momentum, despite the political unrest the country is experiencing. But it’s Ukraine’s fashion industry that appears to be having its own form of revolution, with a number of domestic brands gathering followers both on the home front and abroad. One such label is Ohhio – a chunky knitwear brand based in Kiev creating luxurious items of apparel and interiors.

Oh Oh Ohhio

Fascinated by the simplicity and functionality that finds beauty in Japanese and Scandinavian cultures, Anna Mo aims to implement this in her designs and everyday life. And so Ohhio was born - derived from a combination of syllables and sounds from Scandinavian and Japanese languages.  

Using the finest Australia Merino wool, the founder/owner/designer of Ohhio transforms wool top into scarves, cowls, blankets in various sizes and wall hangings – ready-made or lovingly crafted exclusively to suit individual needs.

“I started knitting when I was a child. My mom was a really good knitter and she taught me the techniques,” Mo says. “The first thing that I knitted was a scarf for my cat.”

After discovering Australian Merino wool, feeling and touching it for the first time, the idea of Ohhio was born.

“I decided that Merino wool would be perfect for blankets. After I hand-knitted my first blanket and posted it to social networks, I received incredible feedback. That was the moment when I decided to create my own brand to make really beautiful and unusual things of this special material. I started from Etsy, where my store became popular very quickly, then I began gathering active and enthusiastic people to develop the Ohhio brand and create a Kickstarter campaign. Now we are a family of 20 very talented and creative people, who love their work.”

Since discovering Merino wool top, Mo has also developed her skill for knitting with her arms, since she couldn't find knitting needles to cope with the size of the yarn. Now, she absolutely loves this unique style of knitting.

“Merino wool is very light, soft and airy. It’s so pleasant to work with and things made from this fibre are extremely beautiful and nice to touch. Our oversized blankets are very cozy and homely, but stylish at the same time, bringing a hint of individuality and exceptional design into your home.”

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