Packing for winter holidays

How to pack to minimise the weight of your luggage and get the most out of it


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As opposed to travel in summer, packing for winter holidays involves negotiating with much heavier garments. Even just a few sweaters and pants can quickly take up valuable room and weight without even looking at a coat or other cool weather accessories.

While packing like an expert for winter holidays has several unique foibles, there are some good trans-seasonal tactics that can be utilised for any getaway.

Flat lay and edit

Winter layering can create havoc with your luggage and the urge to over-pack can get the best of even the most minimalist travellers.

Making a list of the things you think you need and then laying it all out will give you a good indication of exactly how much you’re trying to take. Check to see if you’ve doubled up – do you really need both of those black sweaters? Try to style your looks prior to packing, and find ways to recycle garments to minimise excess.

Don’t fold, bundle wrap

There are literally hundreds of videos and articles with tips on how to pack for travel but when it comes to the winter clothes, the bundle-wrap technique is the most reliable.

While rolling clothes works well for lighter summer wear, bundle wrapping takes advantage of larger garments’ layering ability.

Bundle wrapping literally involves wrapping your clothes around a central core. Starting with the most wrinkle-prone garments such as shirting, lay your clothing flat and then slowly work your way inwards – sweaters, pants, socks, underwear. Coats can be used as a layer for the base of your bag.

The beauty of bundle wrapping is that it takes up even less space than the rolling method and it helps keep clothing from collapsing in on each other during transit.

Tips for packing for winter holidays

Lastly, here are some important points to remember before you hit the road:

  • Invest in shoe bags. These not only protect your shoes but, if your bag lacks a separate shoe compartment, keep your clothes from being soiled.

  • Pack for the weather – don’t pack for what you hope the weather is going to be like. Check online to make sure you’re taking enough, not too much.

  • Check what bathroom amenities your hotel has and leave behind unnecessary weight like hairdryers.

  • Always leave room for the inevitable souvenir and clothing.


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