The art of packing

Learn how to master the art of travelling light with carry-on luggage


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Perfecting the art of packing carry-on luggage for either long-haul flights or weekend getaways is a hard trick to master. It can either save you from having to check in unnecessary luggage, or it can keep you covered in the event of an occasional suitcase gone rogue. Done right, your carry-on will remain a lightweight package of everything you might need in an emergency.


Aside from the holy trinity of tickets, money and passport, your carry-on luggage should be a combination of core essentials and emergency back-ups. This includes a phone charger and universal adaptor so you can recharge you devices during layovers. Also, your camera and other valuables should be stored in your carry-on. Headphones and eye-masks are provided by the airline, but sometimes packing your own can guarantee comfort and quality.


Carry-on luggage should be seen as a supplement to your primary luggage as opposed to additional luggage. Use carry-on to pack clothing that can be worn in any situation. Garments made of a lightweight, temperature-reactive fabric, such as Merino wool, make them versatile enough to be worn in any climate.

Your spare clothes should consist of:

  • A sweater made of Merino wool (perfect for both warm and cool weather)

  • A shirt

  • A pair of trousers or jeans

  • Merino wool socks and at least one pair of underwear


Most travellers settle on taking roll-on deodorant (no aerosols), toothpaste and a toothbrush, but you can afford to add a few extra grooming essentials to keep looking fresh.

  • Facial wipes to clean and refresh your face

  • Moisturiser – flying can dry out your skin

  • An eye gel to help reduce puffiness


You can also use your carry-on to bring additional items to help making your time in transit more comfortable.

  • A lightweight blanket in Merino wool can keep you warm and cozy while flying, inducing a more restful sleep. Unlike synthetic materials used for inflight blankets, superfine Merino won’t irritate any allergies. It’s also handy to have on your arrival if your hotel room is chillier than expected.

  • Healthy, customs-friendly snacks. Fruit and vegetables are clearly not travel friendly, especially if you’re heading overseas. But dry foods such as muesli bars can stave off hunger and prevent you from resorting to sugary alternatives.


Photography Courtesy of Graf & Lantz | Illustration Barry Allen Patenaude

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