The only suit you need for travel

M.J. Bale’s solution for packing light


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Most travellers en route from Sydney to London may have one stopover, sometimes 2. Yet for M. J. Bale model Tom Bull, his trip to London for the Winter 2016 campaign is one he’s unlikely to forget in a hurry, taking the ultimate detour and passing through 13 cities in just 5 days.

An Unsuitable Journey

Australian tailor M. J. Bale may have just found the best suit to travel in.

Knowing they could well and truly crush the man, they wanted to know if they could crush the suit too – the Saunders suit in navy. Here’s how: Travelling on an endless run of planes, trains, buses, boats, bicycles, police cars, tuk tuks and taxis, Australian model Tom Bull travelled more than 20,000km through 9 countries in just 5 days, from Sydney to London. Why? To attend M.J. Bale’s AW16 photo shoot and prove that the Superfine Australian Merino wool suit he was wearing would fare a lot better than he did.

The results: One very tired Tom and one impeccably looking suit.

Tom travels across the North Sea from Amsterdam to Harwich

This unique social experiment, called An Unsuitable Journey, had the unsuspecting model dress in Sydney for the photo shoot, taking place in London. In between was a gruelling journey across Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Rome, Naples, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Harwich. All without sleep. You can track the gruelling adventure on social media using #UnsuitableJourney.

“I’m used to being put through my paces, travelling the world to attend shoots,” said Bull upon finally touching down in London. “Extreme as it was, the challenge wasn’t one I was going to turn down. Despite the hellish journey it took to get there, the suit still looks top-notch diverting attention away from the bags under my eyes and from me falling asleep on the shoot!”

It’s Merino wool’s natural benefits, such as shape retention, breathability and odour control, which helped keep the suit looking impeccable from start to finish.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi was just another pit stop on Tom’s epic adventure

“Our range of suits is constructed with 100% Australian Merino wool, so men really can stay immaculate from cabin to boardroom,” explains M.J. Bale Founder and CEO Matt Jensen. “The images are raw and honest with no retouching to the model or suit, proving our claim you can crush the man but you can’t crush the suit.”

London! Man crushed, suit flawless, ready to front the Winter 16 campaign

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