Get the most out of Merino garments

With the right tools, caring for wool is simple

Care Instructions

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For almost 50 years, the Woolmark Apparel Care Program has set out to uncover products and appliances designed to make life easier for people who love to wear wool.



For generations, people around the world have grown to appreciate the beauty and luxury of Merino wool. Knowing how to wear it is just one part of the equation: as with all clothing, appropriate care of wool garments not only keeps them looking as beautiful as the day they were bought, but extends their life so they can remain a treasured wardrobe favourite for years to come.  

Rewind several decades and there was a time when laundering wool was an art form in itself, an exacting, time-consuming process that required almost specialist expertise. Recognising this, in 1968 The Woolmark Company began to test and certify washing machine cycles that could safely wash wool garments.

Those cycles which passed a series of independent tests—set to The Woolmark Company’s own exacting standards—were sold carrying the iconic Woolmark symbol, assuring consumers that a machine bearing the symbol was ideally suited to safely wash wool products.

In 1969, the Woolmark Apparel Care program extended to include wool-friendly detergents.



Over time, advances in textiles, washing products and appliances have made the care and maintenance of Merino wool simple and straightforward. Products which carry the Woolmark Apparel Care logo have been tested and approved for use with wool garments to help keep them looking good long after they’ve left the store.

The Apparel Care program encompasses all manner of appliances - washing machines, tumble dryers, irons - and laundry products - detergents, fabric softeners and bleaches. Independent testing remains a cornerstone of Woolmark Apparel Care: any product licensed to carry the trademark has been extensively assessed by authorised laboratories.

The Woolmark Apparel Care logo appears on appliances that have been tested and approved to wash or dry garments with a “machine wash” care instruction.

For appliances, the Woolmark Apparel Care Blue logo indicates that a product features a cycle deemed safe for wool garments which specify “hand wash” in their care instructions - the gentleness of hand washing is replicated by using temperatures, cleansing efficiencies and drying performance that won’t cause the garment to shrink or suffer damage.

The Woolmark Apparel Care Green logo provides the same laundering assurances for appliances specifying “hand wash” in their care instructions and also indicates that a product delivers water and energy efficiencies, minimising the consumption of resources.

On detergents and other laundry products, the Woolmark logo means the product bearing the mark has been tested and approved for use in cleaning wool products at home.

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