New Woolmark Apparel Care labels

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Care Instructions

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First seen on appliances in the 1960s to help wool lovers bring out the best in their garments, Woolmark Apparel Care labelling gets a colourful, 21st century update.

Apparel Care Program



Apparel Care logos

The Woolmark Apparel Care - Gold and Platinum logos, designed to guide consumers in choosing the best appliances and products to care for their wool garments, are stepping aside to make way for a new-look labelling system intended to better communicate technological capabilities introduced over the years.

The new Blue and Green tags replace the long-standing Gold and Platinum labels used on laundry appliances and products. The round logo, reflecting the face of a front loading appliance in action, will be applied to eligible washing machines and dryers.

As has always been the case, every product awarded an Apparel Care Label has undergone independent testing to ensure it meets the exacting standards of The Woolmark Company.

Woolmark Apparel Care Blue replaces Gold labelling - any appliance bearing Blue branding is deemed safe for garments which specify "hand wash" in their care instructions. Testing ensures the gentleness of hand washing is effectively replicated by using temperatures, cleansing efficiencies and drying performance that won't cause shrinkage or damage to the garment.

Woolmark Apparel Care Green replaces Platinum labelling, providing the same laundering assurances as Blue for products specifying hand wash in their care instructions. In addition, the presence of a Green label indicates that a product also delivers water and energy efficiencies, a plus for consumers concerned about minimising their consumption of such resources.

The new Woolmark Apparel Care labelling system is set to be introduced throughout 2014, with the Blue and Green tags appearing on products currently bearing the outgoing Gold and Platinum labels.

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