The facts behind washable wool

Tested by nature. Tested by us.

Care Instructions

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Wool has evolved across thousands of years and has changed a lot since primitive man first pulled on the woolly skins of a sheep.



Some say it's delicate or sensitive.

But they don't know what it goes through.

On the sheep's back it endures

everything nature can dish out.

Rain. Wind. Snow. Blistering sun.

It beats them all, with ease.

Industrial machines don’t scare them either.

The washers, the spinners, the looms.

And when it's been through the mill

And reached its final, garment form,

It rises to pass another test,

To earn the Woolmark symbol.

Sure, wool may be soft and cuddly,

But we’ll tell you this much:

It’s anything but delicate.

The dirt on washing wool

Gone are the days when owning wool garments - and caring for them - is a chore. No longer will you play Russian roulette with your favourite wool sweater in your washing machine. Whenever you see the 'machine-washable' care claim on a garment, along with the iconic Woolmark symbol, you can wash it in your machine with confidence. It's been tested for shrinkage, colour fastness and felting by independent authorised laboratories and as a certification mark the Woolmark symbol offers you peace of mind to launder on. If the garment's label says it is machine washable, or machine wash and tumble dry, and it proudly displays the Woolmark symbol, then you can trust these claims to be true.

Wool has natural properties that make it easy to care for from day to day too. Wool fibres have a natural protective outer layer that helps prevent stains from being absorbed, and because wool tends not to generate static, it attracts less dust and lint. Also, the fibre's natural elasticity means a garment retains its 'as-new' look for longer and requires less ironing than other fibres.

So with all these natural properties, and the machine-washable options, it's now easier than ever to look after many wool garments.

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