Understanding the Woolmark Apparel Care appliance label

What every fashion lover should know about appliances bearing the Woolmark Apparel Care label

Care Instructions

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The Woolmark Apparel Care program helps consumers identify wool friendly appliances, but what exactly do those labels mean?



Wool lovers look for the famous Woolmark logo to find clothes made from genuine Merino wool and the same symbol is used to mark appliances that are suitable for use on those same garments.

The Woolmark Apparel Care program independently tests a range of appliances to ensure they have the ability to safely clean, dry or press wool clothes. The testing process assesses the wool cycles or settings on washing machines, tumble dryers and irons.

Washing machine cycles carrying the Woolmark Apparel Care logo are deemed safe for garments labelled as "machine washable", while the same logo on tumble dryers is appropriate for use on clothes labelled as "total easy care" or "tumble dry".

Irons bearing the logo will remove wrinkles or insert creases and pleats on pure wool fabrics without causing permanent changes to the colour of the garment.

For garments labelled as "hand wash", the Woolmark Apparel Care Blue label is given to appliances which have been tested to effectively replicate the gentleness of hand washing on the wool cycle. Woolmark Apparel Care Green labelling is proven to be similarly effective for hand wash garments and also indicates the appliance delivers efficiencies in water and energy consumption. 

To help keep wool clothing looking its best for as long as possible, using Woolmark Apparel Care laundry products in conjunction with approved appliances is highly recommended.

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