Understanding the Woolmark Apparel Care laundry label

What should know before washing your wool

Care Instructions

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The Woolmark Apparel Care program helps consumers identify wool friendly products, but what exactly do those labels mean?

Apparel Care



Apparel Care Logo

On clothes, the appearance of the famous Woolmark logo tells fashion lovers that they are buying a product made from genuine Merino wool, the best quality fleece in the world.

Head down the laundry aisle of the supermarket and the same logo crops up on a range of products, a sign that they are suitable for use on those same Merino garments.

Detergents approved by The Woolmark Company have been independently tested to ensure they clean wool clothes without causing a loss of colour or damage to the fibres. Products which contain enzymes and bleaching agents or are touted as 'heavy duty' should be avoided when shopping for laundry care products.

Proper use of products also plays a role, such as with powdered detergents. Even when using Woolmark approved brands, it is important that the powder be dissolved before it is added to the wash to ensure the best results.

Select bleaches and stain removers carry the Woolmark logo and fabric softeners are also approved by the Woolmark Apparel Care program - although using too much in a wash cycle can sometimes lead to pilling of the fabric.

Choosing the right products and using them properly is the key to prolonging the life of wool garments and keeping them looking as good as they day they were bought.

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