Wash wool the easy way

AEG unveils two products that give premium care for your wool clothes

Care Instructions

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This is the future of laundry. Two products which won't cause your beloved wool garment to felt, to shrink or be damaged in any way, shape or form.

It’s time to change the way you think when it comes to washing wool, because our good friends at AEG are taking the chore out of laundry and giving consumers the confidence they deserve.


Just put it in the machine

There is a general misconception that wool and other delicate fibres are not machine washable. This is untrue; and the latest innovations from AEG prove just that.

“AEG has developed a cycle that treats wool garments properly and gives them the respect they deserve,” says The Woolmark Company Global Strategic Advisor Peter Ackroyd.

“A gentle wash is the way forward and that this can be done in a machine is a major breakthrough," Peter Ackroyd.

“This gives consumers the confidence to put woollen garments into a machine, which has been lacking for the past 30 or 40 years.”

The future of apparel care is all about changing the way people think about caring for delicate garments at home.  Previously, wool had to be washed by hand to prevent shrinkage.  But now, thanks to automatic gentle washing technology, wool clothes can be washed in a machine with the confidence they won’t felt and shrink. No longer are washing machines only suitable for garments labelled ‘machine wash’.

AEG has paved the way forward, allowing garments labelled ‘hand wash’ to be safely put into these two Woolmark-certified appliances. These innovations have been awarded the highest Woolmark Apparel Care certification in their class, making it possible to safely machine wash Woolmark labelled garments with a hand wash only care claim.

“Washing wool gently means you eliminate all the problems of shrinkage, and shrinkage is caused by the matting of the fibre in a rough wash,” says Ackroyd. “A gentle wash is the way forward and that this can be done in a machine is a major breakthrough.”


A major breakthrough

In the average household, the washing machine is one of the most energy consuming household goods that you operate. Yet AEG is redefining this level of energy consumption thanks to its patented pre-mixing technology.

The traditional washing machine mixes water with the detergent in the drum, meaning a quite inefficient washing cycle. Yet, for the first time in the market, the ÖKOMix actually does the mixing outside of the drum. That means that the washing is more gentle and more efficient, and more importantly, means that wool garments can be washed with confidence.

AEG’s ÖKOMix gives you the same excellent washing performance that AEG is renowned for, but uses less energy than any other machine on the market while taking care of your most delicate fabrics, such as wool. The ÖKOKombi is the first washer/dryer to use heat pump technology, making it 40 per cent more energy and water efficient.

“ÖKOMix takes energy efficiency to a whole new level and saves you 60 per cent of the energy consumption,” explains AEG Chief Technology Officer Jan Brockmann. “In fact, the ÖKOMix is the first washing machine to be awarded an A+++-50% rating in energy efficiency, making it the most energy-efficient washing machine on the market.

“Washers and dryers 2-in-1 have traditionally been seen as a compromise, and until now this is sort of true. With AEG’s ÖKOKombi the compromise is over.”

Both new products contain OptiSense technology, which automatically measures the load and adjusts the washing cycle to it. This not only leads to a more energy efficient wash, but means your clothes are never over-washed, and a gentle wash cycle is what makes it compatible with delicate item such as wool garments.

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