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Watch the best of Wool Week Paris


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For many, Paris conjures up notions of romantic walks along the Seine, champagne under Le Tour Eiffel, croissants in Le Marais and dancing the can-can at the one-and-only Moulin Rouge. Yet for a few days each year, the City of Light is transformed into a city of wool as it celebrates the natural fibre as part of the global Campaign for Wool.


Wool, je t’aime

This year’s Wool Week Paris, held September 25 to 27, unleashed a multi-sensory feast for the eyes with chic transformations inside the iconic Palais de Tokyo as it opened its doors for a series of performances, workshops and display, all for the love of wool.

Partnering with Electrolux, Dormeuil, Brun de Vian-Tiran and adidas, wool was reimagined through dance to highlight the superb benefits of the fibre in each of the brand’s industries.

Visually showcasing to a large crowd that wool can be machine washed, the performance for Electrolux shows dancers slowly moving with what looks like a painful amount of laundry, then rushing to Electrolux machines to wash these items with ease.

Without revealing too many secrets, the art of producing some of the world’s finest cloth was showcased by master tailors for Dormeuil. Superb drape, exquisite tailoring and natural breathability are just some of the many reasons wool is the number one fibre for suits and other woven apparel.

For French blanket manufacturer Brun de Vian-Tiran, dancers highlight that sweet dreams are indeed made with wool. Soft and comfortable, Brun de Vian-Tiran’s natural blankets and duvets ensure a good night’s sleep.

Helping to keep things on track, sports and lifestyle brand adidas had dancers high on energy as they weaved in and out of spaces and rooms. Odour resistant, UV protective and moisture wicking are just some of the reasons athletes of any level turn to wool to achieve maximum performance, every time.

Outside the Palais de Tokyo, Parisians’ love for skating was on full show, with skaters setting up camp to show-off some fat tricks on top of wool. Imagined by Paradis Skateboards and ROY A, a mix of wool, paint and canvas presented a performance about space and time.

Perhaps the pièce de résistance was the exhibition space itself. Thanks to the kind donations from loyal partners, the space will be transformed to replicate a living, breathing wool fibre.

Abbortsford 2010, Escorial, Kvadrat, Lanecardate, and Lelièvre Paris all offered their fine quality wool fabrics to create 4x4 metre panels, used to create the different hub spaces and play host to the various activities. 

Drawing inspiration from a fibre of wool, each hour the wool panels moved into new shapes and changed positions, allowing it to breathe and move just like a fibre of wool. The fabric panels also highlighted the versatility of wool, showcasing the fibre’s benefits as an interior textile. 

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