Bringing Wool To The Street

Fusing heritage with innovation and change

The Facts

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No other fibre has such a rich heritage driven by innovation and change as Merino wool. Inspired by nature, Merino wool connects contemporary culture with progressive apparel for those who aren’t afraid to experiment.



Recent years have seen the global apparel market experience a trend towards the casualization of fashion. Lifestyles are getting busier, workplaces are becoming less formal and consumers’ desire for individualism is becoming an increasing trend.

A fibre rich in heritage, Merino wool is also a fibre which welcomes innovation with open arms. Its natural benefits and infinite possibilities provide fashion designers with a blank canvas, creating fabrics and garments which fulfil designers’ visions.

Known and loved as a premium, luxury fibre suitable for high-end apparel, Merino wool also has peak performance attributes that make it suitable for the sports/outdoor market. By combining these two elements, The Woolmark Company addresses the global casual trend and has found a niche opportunity to bring wool to the street.

As a natural, renewable and biodegradable fibre, Merino wool is well-placed to resonate with the lifestyle choices of today’s contemporary generation – often placing greater expectations on the eco-credentials, integrity and authenticity in the products they buy.

Through collaborations with innovative contemporary/streetwear brands,  The Woolmark company is modernising the rich heritage of wool, connecting the fibre with contemporary culture and demystifying preconceptions of wool.



Positioning contemporary wool between high-end fashion and performance sportswear, The Woolmark Company and premium contemporary/streetwear brands target consumers who use clothing to demonstrate an attuned connection to contemporary niche culture whilst also appreciating technical innovations and stories of performance materials

A fibre for the curious, the bold and the daring.

The Contemporary fashion category is a curious, honest and open enabler of innovation and acts as a support network for promoting the potential of wool. It openly shares new and forgotten innovations, creative tools and technical expertise to enable forward-thinking creative minds to work together and experiment with wool.

A fibre for the curious, the bold and the daring, Merino wool is as relevant today as it was back when primitive man dressed himself in the woolly skin of a sheep. From streetwear to leisurewear, Merino wool can be woven or knitted into garments with timeless appeal and fit for all seasons. Soft, breathable with superb next-to-skin comfort, no other natural fibre enjoys this extraordinary versatility and its inherent attributes are valued by designers world-over.



Merino wool is a natural fibre, grown on the simple mix of sunshine, air, grass and water, making it a renewable fibre. It is also biodegradable, naturally decomposing to release valuable nutrients back into the earth.

Merino fibres are extremely soft and offer superb next-to-skin comfort.

Merino wool’s natural crimp creates insulating air pockets, keeping you warm when it’s cool and cool when it’s hot.

Merino wool’s natural elasticity means garments retain their ‘as-new’ appearance for longer and offer extra resilience.

Merino wool absorbs and releases moisture vapour, meaning you stay fresh for longer. It also locks away odour molecules, which are only released upon washing. This makes Merino wool odour resistant.

Versatile and innovative, Merino wool provides a blank canvas for designers. And recent developments mean that many Merino wool garments are machine washable.

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