Take a ride on a sheep’s back

Video technology brings the farm to you

The Facts

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A new YouTube video, Sheep’s Eye View, traces a day in the life of an Australian sheep. 



With history showing wool as one of Australia’s main exports and sources of prosperity, by the mid-twentieth century a saying developed suggesting the country was “riding on the sheep’s back”.

Now the age-old adage has been put into modern-day practice with the help of GoPro cameras and drones, a willing flock of sheep and some nifty editing from The Woolmark Company videography team.

To get a different perspective of life on an Australian farm, GoPros were placed atop Merino and Poll Dorset sheep farmed in country New South Wales, with the results offering a ‘sheep’s eye view’ of exactly where wool comes from.  

The sheep dogs and shearers didn’t escape the GoPro treatment either, and the cameras ingeniously track the process the fleece follows from paddock to wool press in an exclusive peek into the world of wool production.

In the lead-up to the International Woolmark Prize regional finals this month, it’s a timely insight into the provenance of the luxury fibre most recognisable on the world’s runways in the form of sharp suiting and couture coats.

Grown on sunshine, grass and water, wool is rich in natural properties that in turn influence some of the world’s leading designs. So, with Australia producing approximately 85 per cent of the world’s fine wool apparel, it’s fair to say there’s a high likelihood that the wool shorn from the sheep’s back will end up on yours. 

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