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Most of the mills where these cloths are woven and spun are located in Europe, and in Italy, northern England and Scotland in particular.

Charles Clayton

Charles Clayton offer unique, high quality stock supported ranges consisting of Super 120's Super 150's, Super 180's and Victor Ludorum finest qualities. Their fabrics are produced with the finest wool, either in 100% or blended with other natural fibre using wool from the best farms around the world. All fabrics are produced in Yorkshire, the heart of the wool textile industry in England. Charles Clayton bespoke creations are supplied to the most prestigious stylists, department stores and garment makers throughout the world.


William Halstead

Founded in 1875, William Halstead are based in the historic textile city of Bradford, West Yorkshire and are weavers of luxury suiting fabrics for many of the top fashion houses. Today the company enjoys an unrivalled worldwide reputation for designing and weaving some of the world's finest speciality fine worsteds for both mens and ladieswear suitings. William Halstead worked in the family business for 53 years, followed by five further members of the family, until the company was acquired by Luxury Fabrics Ltd in 2006.


John Foster

The name John Foster has been synonymous with the manufacture of fine Worsted wool fabrics and noble blends for nearly 200 years. John Foster has gained a worldwide reputation for quality; some 70% is exported directly or indirectly to numerous countries around the world with the Japanese and Far East markets pre-eminent. Some of the world's leading clothing manufacturers are supplied by John Foster. 'Made in England by John Foster' is a hallmark renown to be the highest quality worsted wool speciality fabrics.


Vitale Barberis Canonico

Italy Vitale Barberis Canonico is a full cycle wool company, producing the premium carded and combing wool fabric for men's clothing. The written history for this family-owned wool supplier can be dated back to 1663. In 1936, the company changed its name to the current Vitale Barberis Canonico. In 1971, it became the joint-stock company. After many years of development, Vitale gradually expanded its operational scale. The company now boasts 380 employees, and the products are 100% Made-in-Italy. Till now it's already the world-renowned finest fabric supplier. With the best material, exquisite craftsmanship, delicate patterns, pure colours, comfortable fabric and best quality, Vitale's products are sold to all corners of the world.


Taylor & Lodge

Ever since its establishment in 1883, Taylor & Lodge (merged with Bulmer & Lumb in 2004) has been producing the premium fabric from its Rashcliffe plant in Huddersfield, Yorkshire. Taylor & Lodge is not only famous for its outstanding craftsmanship, but also keeping its precious passion and power in creation. Taylor & Lodge leads the new application of Australian Merino wool. And it’s one of the founders of Australian Superfine Wool Grower's Association.



Scabal is world renowned as the most superior fabric supplier for men's clothing. Its production and operation covers 65 countries and regions worldwide. Ever since its establishment, Scabal has dedicated itself to offering the fine fabric for all top Bespoke brands globally. It also has its own brand of ready-to-wear and accessories. In 1939, Scabal was established in Brussel, mainly engaged in the apparel fabric production, ready-to-wear design & making, as well as the customized services. The brand helps its customers express themselves perfectly with well-selected fabric and exquisite design. All of its apparel fabric is produced in either Britain or Italy. The binding part of all its product has the logo of Scabal, which is the symbol of quality and status.


Savile Row Bespoke

Savile Row is the name card for British Bespoke and its artistic quality. Savile Row Bespoke Association works together with all Tailors to protect and develop this craftsmanship inherited for over 2 centuries. Under the protection of the Association, Savile Row remains the favourite place that the high-rank officials, the rich and the celebrities always visit. Following the development of the world’s economy, Savile Row transfer itself to identify its new position and consumer groups. The Savile Row Association protects the mysterious Bespoke craftsmanship, and maintains its quality, which attracts the true gentlemen to visit Savile Row for spiritual enjoyment.



In 1865, REDA was established at Biella, Italy. Up to now, it has already become one of the excellent suppliers in the field of world's material for premium men's clothing (ready-to-wear). It mainly involves in the design, manufacturing and making of the best quality pure woollen material. The wool plant of REDA strictly follows the rule of innovation based on its respect towards the tradition. With its technology of ecological and sustainable development, it keeps the value of fashion, grace and quality, and displays the style of Made-in-Italy. Furthermore, it sets up a stable and harmonious partnership with many global fashion companies. Meanwhile, as a company dedicated itself in ecological and sustainable development, REDA continues to keeping an eye on the potential risks to the environment during its manufacturing process, and then invests for improvement.


Johnstons of Elgin

Johnstons of Elgin is located alongside the River Lossie in Scotland Highland, near Inverness. Since its establishment in 1797, it has been using the most luxury wool in producing the high quality fabric, knitwear and accessories. All knitwear from Johnstons is produced in Hawick, the boundary area of Scotland. Since 1920s, the brand is famous for its outstanding quality. Johnstons of Elgin makes its knitted woollen shirt with the delicate wool and cashmere. This makes it the favourite of well-known Paris designers like Coco Chanel and Jean Patou, who are seeking the combination between French haute couture design and Scotland craftsmanship.


Holland & Sherry

170 years ago, Stephen George Holland and Frederick Sherry, the two suppliers of wool and silk fabric, established Holland & Sherry at No. 10, Old Bond Street, offering the finest fabric for well-known tailors in London. In the past 2 centuries, Britain always walks at the cutting edge of premium fabric and apparel market. Holland & Sherry always dedicates itself to the research of more delicate and luxury fabric as well as the textile quality. Holland & Sherry is not only one of the first members of Australian Superfine Wool Grower's Association, but also sets up the traceability system for Australian Merino Wool.


Hield Brothers

In 1992, David Hield and Hugh Hield established Hield Brothers. Its plant in Bradford, the middle of West Yorkshire, England, owned the most advanced technology in fabric and textile. Following the trend of the age, it keeps offering the premium worsted fabric to the ever developing premium hand-crafted industry in London as well as other counterparts globally.



Dormeuil only chooses the best quality wool and weaves it with the most skilful technique. Dormeuil deserves its status as the top 1 premium fabric supplier for the haute couture of Savile Row in both Paris and London at the beginning of 20th century. It is also the main supplier of fine wool and worsted fabric for both men's clothing and women’s dress throughout the world.


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