What is the Wool Blend logo?

Discover the meaning behind the Woolmark logos


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Established in the 1990s, the Wool Blend logo indicates a product contains 30% to 49.9% new wool.

Wool Blend

As the popularity of the Woolmark and Woolmark Blend logos grew, The Woolmark Company introduced a third sub-brand to the Woolmark family.

Wool Blend, and its interiors counterpart, sees only one non-wool component allowed in intimately blended yarns.

Ensuring the new wool composition is between 30% and 49.9%, you can rest assured that your favourite Wool Blend item of clothing benefits from wool’s superior properties.

You can still wash your Wool Blend clothing, just be sure to always check the care claims on the product’s label.

Wool Blend products have been tested by authorised laboratories for things such as colour fastness and how it looks and performs during wear and in laundering. 

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