The meaning behind the mark

What the Woolmark logo means to you


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You’ve seen the symbol – it’s been on more than 5 billion products around the world. But do you know what these 5 criss-cross bands actually mean?

A mark of excellence

Dresses, jackets, suits or pants - the Woolmark logo can be found on wool clothes across the world. But if you see this iconic symbol, what does it mean?

The Woolmark logo means that the item of clothing is made from 100% pure new wool. In order to gain this certification, the product - or even the yarn or fabric used to make the item of clothing - has been tested by independent authorised laboratories and approved by The Woolmark Company.

What this means for you is that your favourite wool sweater has been rigorously tested not only for wool content, but also for things such as colour fastness and how it is likely to look and perform during wear and laundering.

In 2011, leading visual communication magazine Creative Review announced the Woolmark symbol as the number one logo of all time: five gently curved black bands, woven together to form a skein of wool, evoking the softness, elegance and purity of Merino wool.

Believed to be the handiwork of Italian graphic designer Francesco Saroglia, the Woolmark logo was crafted as part of an international design competition held by the International Wool Secretariat (IWS), a governing body tasked with promoting wool globally since the 1930s. In stark contrast to his winning design, Saroglia faded into obscurity: there are no books, webpages, records or information on him or his other work. And while Saroglia’s existence may have failed to withstand the test of time, the logo officially credited to him has now been a mark of quality assurance on more than 5 billion products in more than 100 different countries.

So whenever you see the iconic symbol, you can be confident that a quality product is being bought. 

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